Paying Apprentices & Trainees Correctly

Understanding Employee Rights.

Its really important to know the rights of an employee and understand payroll.

Employment Myth : employers can pay young workers as ‘trainees’ or ‘apprentices’ without lodging any formal paperwork

Fact: Employers must negotiate and lodge a registered training contract for an employee in order to lawfully be able to pay trainee or apprentice rates. […]

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How Can you Stand Out Applying for an Apprenticeship or Traineeship?

Put your Best Self Forward for a Traineeship or Apprenticeship

A traineeship or apprenticeship is a great way to learn a skill or trade on-the-job.  For every vacancy we have for an apprenticeship or traineeship, we can get up to 200 applicants, so it is important that you put your best self forward and present yourself […]

How Can you Stand Out Applying for an Apprenticeship or Traineeship?2018-08-31T19:11:56+10:00

Supporting School-leavers into Traineeships

Our Client is a multinational company based in Beresfield offering modern facilities across their workshop, stores and offices. They are looking to expand their staff through offering a Certificate III Warehousing Traineeship for a junior employee seeking a career pathway. This entry level position will see you learn aspects of the position on the job and through […]

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Hire a Trainee – We have 2 Star Trainees ready to work.

Hire an Engaging Admin Trainee in 2017.

Have you ever thought of hiring a trainee for your business?

Recruit Personnel have been successfully assisting businesses with the provision of Business Trainees in entry level roles for a number of years.  We work with each business to determine the factors of the best suited […]

Hire a Trainee – We have 2 Star Trainees ready to work.2018-02-02T12:59:29+11:00

Putting young Hunter people into Traineeships

New Engineering Pre-Traineeship Program in Maitland.


Recruit Personnel are pleased to announce our new Pre-Traineeship Program to launch in October in the Hunter Valley.

This program will include a short pre-traineeship program run over 15 days followed by work experience with a local business. Candidates will be job-ready to start a 12 month traineeship that will […]

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Hire a Trainee into your Business

A trainee is a great addition to any business.

Hiring a trainee has the advantage of being able to train your new staff member on the job while they are gaining a qualification and being mentored into their new role.

A trainee typically will be partaking in a traineeship for up to 12 months where a trainer […]

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