Staff Retention and Advancement – Training Options

Staff training and development is an investment in what many leaders call the most important asset in an organization: its employees!

It’s natural to think staff training and development would be the first thing to cut when budgets are tight, yet it’s more important than ever! What many companies overlook are the skill levels of their employees and how these can be improved to drive growth in difficult markets.

Training is about building the skills base of staff, so that together you can carry your company out of a slowdown ahead of the rest. Training also demonstrates the employer’s commitment to developing and improving their staff.

Taking a look at your business and identifying those employees who are consistent contributors is the first step to efficient staff training. Those employees are the ones who you need to develop and retain. This approach makes employees feel valued, supported and builds loyalty to your business, making them less likely to seek employment elsewhere. This is important in small businesses where specialised staff takes longer to recruit and are more difficult to retain.

The question businesses should be asking themselves is not how can I afford to invest in training but how can I afford not to invest in training?

Through our training partners, Recruit Personnel is able to offer Certificate IV and Diploma qualifications for existing staff.

These courses offer current staff an opportunity to build on developed experience and add value to the business increasing sales and service and driving profitability.

For our list of current courses: Click here.

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