How to Build a Successful Workforce

Understanding Labour Hire

 Why your business should consider using labour hire

Have you thought about hiring workers through a labour hire agency? There are many reasons why you should.

In the competitive Hunter Valley employment sector, a flexible workforce holds many advantages. By taking advantage of labour hire, you can outsource the recruitment and selection process to save time and money.

Labour hire, also known as on-hire recruitment, allows businesses to access temporary workers. These workers are employed by us, the Recruitment Company and hired out to you as needed.

As the employer, we pay the worker their wages and arrange all necessary paperwork. As the host employer you pay the Recruitment company for the services the worker provides.

What are the benefits of using labour hire

Through labour hire you can benefit in a number of different ways:

Get the right workers

Labour hire allows you to access pre-screened workers who are qualified for the job and are ready to start straight away.  All labour hire workers are pre-screened and referenced checked ahead of employment.

It is often the case that the assigned worker has had other various other work placements and we will have an understanding as to their capabilities, their reliability and their key skills.

Labour hire is also a good opportunity to trial a worker before deciding whether you want to take them on a full-time basis.

Save time and money

As the workers are temporary you are not obligated to keep them longer than the work permits. This allows you to better manage your workload and keep hiring costs low.

It may be the case that you need to hire a greater number of workers when experiencing surges in workload or for maintenance work and then scale down those numbers when peak times are over.

Labour hire also saves time spent on training. Rather than waste time training a new employee, a business can hire someone capable of doing the job straight away.

This way you don’t have to spend as much time and energy training someone who will leave soon after.

Outsource the recruitment process

Having to source and screen candidates is a long and lengthy process for your businesses.  By outsourcing the recruitment process, we can deal with the hiring/screening process.

We look after the administrative side of the hiring process, including paying the worker and sorting out their paperwork. We advertise for positions on your behalf and create targeted job postings and marketing, detailing the requirements of each position.

Add value

Labour hire gives you access to temporarily hire skilled workers to fill skill shortages as and when they arise.

Having worked across various placements and often different industries, labour hire workers often possess a diverse skillset. They may possess a certain skill or attribute that you do not have in your current workforce and may prove essential in carrying out jobs that requires that skill.

How to choose a labour hire agency

When choosing a labour hire agency you should look for the following:

  • local and industry knowledge — a firm grasp of the industry you work in, its nature and demands, as well the locality
  • worker knowledge — an awareness of a worker’s strengths and weaknesses and competency for jobs
  • responsiveness — ability to rectify things if they go wrong
  • health and safety — working with the client to ensure their employees are safe in all working conditions
  • feedback — seek to build a rapport with their workers and deliver continuous feedback on their performance

Working with Recruit Personnel

Whether your require long or short-term labour hire, our expert recruitment team has the tools to connect you with the top candidates your business needs.

As a local Hunter Valley recruiter, our team have all grown up in the Hunter Valley with strong connections to the local community and businesses.  It is important to us that we work with local employers and employees to find recruitment solutions best tailored to your needs.

You can be as much involved in the process as you like.  Some of our clients prefer to give us the brief and wait for us to do our magic, while others like to be more involved in the recruiting process from start to finish.  It’s completely up to you!

How does it work?

One of our team will start by taking a full position description to gain a thorough understanding of your companies’ job vacancy requirements.

This will include the required skills and experience, qualifications and the business’ culture. We will then use this information to source and select the best candidate for that role.

We work closely with our clients to build long-standing tailored relationships to help you build your staffing needs.

To discuss further how labour hire solutions can help transform your business get in contact with a member of our team today.