Additional Identified SkillS Shortage Payment

What is the Additional Identified Skills Shortage Payment?

From 1 July 2019, an Additional Identified Skills Shortage (AISS) payment will be available to eligible apprentices and their employers, in occupations experiencing national skill shortages. The AISS payment targets new workers to grow the number of apprentices in the system and encourage more people to take up an Australian Apprenticeship, particularly school leavers and young people.

How much will be available for apprentices and employers?

Eligible apprentices will receive $1,000 at the 12 month point from commencing their apprenticeship and an additional $1,000 after completing their apprenticeship.

Eligible employers will also receive $2,000 at the 12 month point from the commencement of the apprenticeship and an additional $2,000 at completion of the apprenticeship.

These payments are additional to any payments the apprentice or employer may be eligible for under existing Australian Government programs, including

  • Trade Support Loans, which provides income-contingent loans of up to $20,808 for eligible apprentices to support them through their apprenticeship
  • the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program, which provides standard incentives of $4,000 over the life of an apprenticeship to eligible employers.

Which occupations will be eligible for the payments?

The AISS will target these ten occupations:


  • Carpenters and Joiners
  • Plasterers
  • Plumbers
  • Bakers and Pastrycooks
  • Hairdressers
  • Vehicle Painters
  • Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics
  • Wall and Floor Tilers
  • Bricklayers and Stonemasons
  • Arborists

These occupations are the top shortage occupations in Australia with an Australian Apprenticeships pathway.

What other eligibility requirements are there for the AISS payment?

Employers and apprentices will be eligible where the apprentice is new to the employer and is commencing a Certificate III or IV level qualification leading to an occupation on the AISS List.

Existing workers and their employers will not be eligible for the AISS payment. This will encourage businesses to take on new apprentices and boost the supply of skilled labour.

Final eligibility requirements will be outlined in program guidelines.

How will the new payments be implemented?

The new payments will be administered through the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program and delivered by existing Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) providers.

How do I obtain more information?

More information will be available soon, including updated Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program Guidelines.

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