SLES:  Employment Support for School Leavers

A Pathway to Employment

What is your dream job?

What are the obstacles in the way that are stopping you reaching your goals?

Our team at Recruit Personnel would love the opportunity to work with you to develop a plan to assist you in transitioning from School to Employment.

We understand that to get there, you will need the support & guidance that our business can offer.

As recruiters, we work with people every day, helping them to achieve their career goals.

As a business who has been involved in the Disability Sector for over 12 years, we understand what it takes to assist you in gaining employment.

We will work with you and develop a customised plan just for you. We can support you in many ways and before we start, we will sit down with you and your support network and work out a pathway to acheive your goals.

We are ready to chat with you about how we can help.

As a school leaver, we are ready to work with you to transition into sustainable long-term employment, building on your skills.

We recognise the importance of building confidence and nuture your career aspirations for employment.

Being a recruitment organisation and having a long history with the Disability Sector, we are ready to enable you to follow your career goals, whether it be through training, engaging with employers to establish work experience and taking the time to understand your individual needs and aspirations.

What to Expect:

  • Work Ready Skills
  • Explore Job Interests & Skills
  • Work experience in open employment
  • Job Site Training
  • Travel Training
  • Communication & Instructions
  • Money Handling
  • Job Customisation

Working with you to develop a meaningful, individualised plan to achieve your employment goals.

Our team have been working across the youth & disability sector for many years and we know that each persons’ skills, needs and aspirations are unique.

Under this program, we will develop a plan with you that reflects our agreed pathway as to how best transition you into employment.

We will discuss with you your interests, what it is that you aspire to do and how we can achieve that. We can support you across many aspects of a career pathway, starting with an initial session where we introduce our services to you and discuss your individual goals.

If you choose to work with Recruit Personnel, a second session will be held where the Service Agreement will be discussed and finalised. On your endorsement of the Service Agreement, we will commence the program with you. This may include preparing your resume, helping you learn the skills needed to work in different workplaces; assist you with being job ready, from dressing for a specif role to travelling to and from your home to work. We may find that some skills training will benefit your job path and we can arrange that for you.

We will work with you to develop your everyday skills such as money handling, budgeting and how to communicate in a place of work and dealing with certain situations in a workplace.

Recruit Personnel have a diverse local network, with our staff being well connected in the local community and we will leverage off this business association to help you find work experience in your field of choice.

We will look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.