Here are 5 new trends that Candidates are looking for in the workplace

Now that we are in 2020, it’s important that as a business, we understand that our employees are seen as more than just “workers”.

No matter what kind of business you have, your current and future employees are now looking for specific work environments. In order to attract the right personnel, it is important to show future candidates that you are a company worth working for.

Potential workers are now looking for ways to incorporate their lifestyle and personnel values into their work. Here are the top 5 business trends we are seeing that you might want to keep an eye on:

Flexible Working Environment

Each of your employees and future employees are individuals with responsibilities.  Some have children, others may be looking after their parents, some love to volunteer and others may have a full social/sporting life.

Does your company have a flexible working routine, allowing your employees to work around their personnel commitments while still being a valued employee?

This will allow your employees the opportunity to come into work when it suits both their job and lifestyle simultaneously. It will also let them operate remotely so they can continue balancing their professional and private responsibilities. Giving your employees this opportunity can really help them keep on top of their work.  You may consider introducing a flexible working scheme in your business.

Our expert tip:

One of our employees works 6 months remotely in Europe and 6 months in our Maitland office.  How do we ensure this works as best as possible?

  • IT: make sure you have all the IT aspects in place:  VOIP phones; software; team sites
  • Stay connected: Make a specific time each day for a progress report or team meeting.
  • Tasking: There is great software where you can task the whole team or individuals and progress is easily reported
  • Set up a remote office like it is part of the Main office. Desk phones, systems and software.

Mindfulness Schemes

It’s also important to be aware of a worker’s mental health. 1 in 6 workers are diagnosed with either depression or anxiety, which is why if you don’t keep track of how your workers are feeling, you may find that they burn out at your workplace. Make sure that you have mindfulness schemes in place to check in on how your employees are feeling. This could be in the form of an occasional chat from HR or their supervisors. It can help your staff stay focused without them becoming overburdened.

Our expert tip:

For any business, understanding the Mental Health of your employees is crucial.  Larger businesses have the systems in place with a HR department, but what if you don’t?   There are a range of great resources available to support workplace health, including, Mental Health:  For more information, click here.

A Mental Health First Aid program that teaches adults how to provide initial support to adults who are mental health problems, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or mental health crises.  FBLearning is a local training organisation and runs a 2 day program for $290 that can be done on site or at a time that suits.  Learn more

Learning Opportunities

Many employees love the challenge and opportunity to keep learning. And as employers we believe it is really important to give them the opportunity to do so. You can offer courses so that they can expand on their skills and have the opportunity to gain new skills. You may want to also send them to a conference where they can network with other companies or people in a similar position to their own.

Our expert tip:
Providing training opportunities for your staff is not only a way to attract great new staff, but retain those you have. Staff progression is a great investment and keeps your experienced and long-term staff in your business.

Support your staff to learn more. A Certificate IV in Leadership & Management is a qualification that can build skills and capacity in your business, assisting to attract, retain and progress key staff.

For more information contact our local suggested training organisation FBLearning:  Learn More

Another effective solution could include using Traineeships to provide career pathways.  Form more information, click here.

Work Recognition

It can be difficult to work in a company that does not reward its employees for their work. Most of the time credit tends to go people in more authoritative positions. So, don’t forget to give some recognition to different departments when it is due. This can come in the form of a reward, such as allowing people to leave early, a meal out, or even a small bonus at the end of the month.

Our expert Tip:

Friday Funday Lunches – treat your staff to lunch at a local restaurant – or order in, on the house.  You will be amazed at how happy and team building something so simple can be.

On completion of projects or key milestones, like EOFY, recognise team members who have performed to a high level.  This could be as simple as an organised morning tea with a certificate, gift voucher or a half-day off!

Workplace Support

No one really likes working on their own. Sometimes your employees can feel a little isolated if working independently. Employees like working in a dynamic business, especially if there are colleagues that they can look up to and use as a sounding board for their ideas and expand their knowledge.

Our expert Tip:

If you are a small business and do not have established teams, arrange weekly huddle meetings so individuals can discuss their achievements and challenges and gain feedback and suggestions from other staff members.  A suggestion board is a great way to drive innovation and change.  Communication is always the key to success!