Have you ever stopped to consider the cost to recruit new staff into your business?

Lets think about this!

Firstly, what would you determine to be your hourly rate (or dedicating 1 or 2 of your staff to this process)?

Lets say it is between $75 and $100 / hour.

Next how many hours do you think the full recruitment process will take?

Lets say 25-30 hrs depending on the type of role.

That’s taking into account the following process:

  • Create a great advert

  • Posting the advert online

  • Receiving responses & inquiries

  • Social media posts

  • Reading every resume

  • Calling potential candidates

  • Initial Phone screen

  • Setting up interviews – phone and follow up email

  • Preparing for interviews

  • No shows – how annoying is that!

  • Completing the interview

  • Setting up questions to ask referees

  • Doing the reference check

  • Making the offer

  • Letting unsuccessful candidates know

→ Great – a job well done.

Now, add on 50%  – this covers off on the time lost on your real work.

Don’t forget advertising costs – $500

Total cost to recruit someone:  $4070

  • Hourly Rate x Time to Recruit

  • + 50% for your lost time

  • + Advertising Costs

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