How to put your best self forward in a Video Interview.

If you haven’t interviewed for some time, chances are things have changed since you last rocked up for an interview.

Recruit Personnel, along with many other recruitment companies, have evolved our hiring process to find candidates in a more competitive market.  There are also many technological changes and new tools to assist with the on-hiring process and interviewing.

So, what should you expect?

You may find that you are invited to an interview via skype or a video.  Don’t panic!  These interviews usually run just the same as a face-to-face interview.  As long as you prepare yourself and present yourself appropriately,  there is no reason to feel additional stress.

Our Tips for a Successful Video Interview:

  • Ensure that you attend the Video or Skype interview in a quite and appropriate setting with no distractions such as phone calls, Music/TV, children or pets.
  • Set yourself up in a quiet room.  Position the camera so it blocks out any unwanted background, such as a bed or bathroom.
  • Have a test run before the interview to make sure there are not technical issues.  Check sound and camera positions.
  • PRACTICE!!!!  Call a family member or a friend so you feel comfortable.
  • Dress just as you would if you were attending a real interview.  Take the time to make sure you put your best self forward.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking since you are doing this interview in your own environment, appearances are not as important.
  • Be on time!!!  Make sure you are in front of your computer at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled interview.  Check connections again.
  • Remember the video caller can see you, so be attentive and make ‘eye contact’ with the camera.
  • Don’t undertake an video interview in a public space or a cafe etc!  Not only will it be noisy and distracting, but it will look unprofessional.

So additional Tips for a successful interview:

  • Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!  Research the company and be ready to explain why you want to work there.
  • Be ready with a list of questions that are relevant to the role.
  • Find out in advance who you will be meeting with and research each person so you can respond appropriately.  LinkedIn is a great resource for this.

We wish you luck.

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