Maitland Business to Business Talks

Learning more about our Local Businesses

Being part of the Maitland business community, we are always looking for ways of of supporting other small businesses.

A group of us business owners get together regularly to network and talk about our businesses to educate each other on how our businesses really work.

It is often the case that the people we associate with, whether it is on a personal or professional level, really don’t know what we do!

They know we go to work each day, but have no idea what we do or how our business operates.

And we realised its hard to support one another, if we don’t really understand the operations of that business.

So we have put together a plan to get together now and again and learn more about our colleagues.

In this video, Sean from SJH Communications chats with Paul from Recruit Personnel to understand Recruitment.

Sean has worked tirelessly to set-up our new phone and internet system to bring us to the next level of NBN networking.

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