Why Labour Hire

As a recruiter, we are supplying labour all across the Hunter on a daily basis.  Many people don’t fully understand what labour hire is.  Put simply, Labour hire is the supply of workers to a host employer.

As the labour hire company, labour hire workers are our employees, and we are responsible for their pay, superannuation and all other aspects related to their employment. Our labour hire workers are on-hired out to a business when the need arises.

Labour hire is a popular employment solution for a range of industries, such as building and construction, fabrication, mining, and warehousing, due to the fluctuations in workloads, seasonal demand, additional or delayed projects, etc across these sectors.

Why Labour Hire is Growing & Changing

The flexibility that labour hire provides, through the supply of a contingent workforce, enables businesses to stay agile and cope with fluctuating demand, without incurring the costs associated with taking on part-time or full-time workers.  Flexibility is one of the most prominent reasons why organisations are drawn to labour hire services, as it allows them to scale their businesses easily as they experience peaks and troughs in demand and need workers at short notice.

Flexibility is also a reason why many candidates prefer working under labour hire arrangements.  It gives them the ability to choose where they would like to work and for how long, working in with their life schedule.

Labour hire is also a great employment solution for businesses that require workers with specialised skills. As a labour hire company, we have an extensive database of workers with a range of skills, qualifications and experiences. We also have the expertise to find workers that are best-suited to the role, based on the brief provided by our clients.

In Brief:

We allow businesses to outsource their recruitment processes, have access to specialised certain skills while focussing on their core functions of their business.

It is expected that Australia’s labour hire industry will continue to evolve as its use continues to grow in a variety of sectors.

At Recruit Personnel, our workers are our top priority. We ensure that they are treated fairly and receive wages on or above award, and that we are compliant with all legislations and policies relevant to the labour hire industry.

If you’re looking to partner with a quality labour hire agency that values its workers, look no further than Recruit Personnel!