The things we know you want to ask about our services

I don’t like paying upfront for a service I have never used before.

You will only have to pay for our recruitment service when we have successfully placed a candidate.

What if the person you have recruited for us doesn’t work out?

No problem.  We guarantee all of our placements, so if an employee doesn’t work out – we will replace that employee for free, within the agreed time of our Terms & Conditions, usually within three months.

Will I be part of the selection process.

Answer:  You can be as involved or removed as you choose.  Some clients prefer to hand over the job order to us and we send them the right candidate.  Most times, our clients like to review a shortlist of candidates, usually three, either by email/video or meet face to face in interviews.  The choice is yours.

I feel like I need to take my company to the next level.  How would you suggest I do that?

Answer:  As recruiters, the first thing we would do is do a staff-audit.  Simply put, take a look at your organisational, and then discuss your business plans for the future.  From there we would consult with you the best way forward.  That might be to hire a manager that can take over some of the leadership and management tasks to free up your time for business development; consider a sales person to build your business or take on a trainee reception/customer service, admin or stores person to support your administration and distribution channels.
This is also an added value of working with a professional recruiter.  A different set of eyes on your business might just offer a solution that you had not considered.

As a business owner, am I eligible for any Government funding when I hire staff?

Answer:  There are many kinds of Government incentives to build your business.
The most current that we are excited about and share with our clients is the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements wage subsidy that supports employers to employ new apprentices and trainees.

The subsidy covers 50% of the new apprentice or trainee’s gross wages paid in the 12 month period from date of commencement or recommencement, up to a maximum of $7,000 per quarter. Payments are made quarterly in arrears.

This is a great strategy to build your business.  One important consideration is that you could hire a young school leaver or a more mature person who is looking for a career change.  You can pay your trainee above award to attract the right person, and still benefit from the above-mentioned wage subsidy.  Its great value for money.