Is this your First Time Hiring Staff?

Our Tips to Hire New Staff.

In small businesses, you often don’t have the luxury of an internal HR team.  Hiring and firing is often the responsibility of a business owner, manager or supervising staff.  It can be a daunting task and regardless of how amazing your skills are, you probably don’t know where to […]

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Labour Hire | Understanding the Benefits

Why Labour Hire

As a recruiter, we are supplying labour all across the Hunter on a daily basis.  Many people don’t fully understand what labour hire is.  Put simply, Labour hire is the supply of workers to a host employer.

As the labour hire company, labour hire workers are our employees, and we are responsible for their pay, […]

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Myths & Tips for Workers

Myths and tips for workers

When you start a new job with a company, you may get told or asked to do things that don’t seem right.

The Fair Work Ombudsman is always a great source of information and we always recommend you take the time to check facts as an employee.

We will explore some of […]

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How to Attract the Best Candidates

Here are 5 new trends that Candidates are looking for in the workplace

Now that we are in 2020, it’s important that as a business, we understand that our employees are seen as more than just “workers”.

No matter what kind of business you have, your current and future employees are now looking for specific work […]

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Need Labour to get a Job Completed?

Recruit Personnel have Candidates ready to Work!

Our recruitment team at Recruit Personnel work hard to build experienced and skilled teams of workers that can assist our clients with short to long term roles.

We understand that your business goes through highs and lows of production and there are times you need staff at short notice […]

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Recruitment News – How to Build a Successful Workforce

How to Build a Successful Workforce

Understanding Labour Hire

 Why your business should consider using labour hire

Have you thought about hiring workers through a labour hire agency? There are many reasons why you should.

In the competitive Hunter Valley employment sector, a flexible workforce holds many advantages. By taking advantage of labour hire, you can outsource the […]

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Great time to Hire an Apprentice with new Government Payments Introduced.

Additional Identified SkillS Shortage Payment

What is the Additional Identified Skills Shortage Payment?

From 1 July 2019, an Additional Identified Skills Shortage (AISS) payment will be available to eligible apprentices and their employers, in occupations experiencing national skill shortages. The AISS payment targets new workers to grow the number of apprentices in the system and encourage more […]

Great time to Hire an Apprentice with new Government Payments Introduced.2019-07-02T19:21:03+10:00
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