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There's more than one way to find new staff!
Have you considered a trainee to start building your capacity?
Learn why many businesses have been taking on trainees to support their business growth
Have you considered how a Trainee might work for your business?
With a trainee, you will be able to train your staff they way that suits your business
Your trainee will learn on the job while undertaking a qualification.
Trainees are supported and mentored along the way and we keep the dialogue open between our client, trainee and trainer to make sure your trainee is progressing.
Employ direct:  We will recruit for you and point you in the right direction for the training component of the traineeship and you pay a one-off recruitment fee.
On-Hire model:  We will recruit for you and then on-hire the trainee to you for the duration of the traineeship.  We arrange the training component and offer mentoring and progress reports.  You will be invoiced monthly that covers the trainees salary inclusive of all training costs, superannuation contributions, worker’s compensation, payroll tax, public indemnity insurances and all administration costs. 
A trainee can be for a new entrant or someone wanting to change career.
There are many types of traineeships such as Administration, Business, Stores & Warehousing and more.
Now is a great time to engage a trainee with Government subsidies paying 50% of wages.
Meet one of our Trainees - Harry
Harry is currently undertaking a Stores Traineeship with United Safety & Suitability in Rutherford.

Before Harry commenced he was offered to undertake a work trail and Harry states “it was good being able to do a work trial to see if i would like the job”.

Harry is “learning new things every day and learning new life skills”.

For a young person, the opportunity to start a new career and learning on the job a great kick-start to a career.
How it all works:
We will find you the a trainee that suits your business needs
Choose the option of Engagement
We will arrange the training component of the Traineeship
A trainee can undertake various qualifications, whether you are looking for support with reception/ custom service, administration, stores & warehousing, we can consult with you.
You can hire them direct or we can on-hire to you - the choice is yours.
Depending on the option of engagement, we will help you arrange the training organisation and ensure the trainee is supported during the duration of the traineeship.
Discover why our clients choose us
Save time
Did you know that for most white collar roles, you are likely to receive close to 300 applicants per role?
The general time to recruit can be 25 - 30 hours, depending on the role.

Need a quick solution
Yes, we get it - there are times when you need staff fast.  Staff go on leave, your contact is running behind schedule or you have just picked up a new contract.
We have 30,000 clients in our database, so the chances are, we can find you staff quickly.
Save Money
Every hour you are away from your real work recruiting, you are spending money.
Think of us as your secret HR department working away in the background while you get on with your role.
Generally, the cost to recruit new staff is on average $3,500/hire + lost productivity
I would recommend anyone looking for staff to use Recruit Personnel, they are professional, friendly and source great applicants for the position.
It has been an absolute pleasure working with them from their delightful receptionist, the consultant and management team.
Highly recommend them.

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Joy Noel, NSW Office Manager, The Smith Family
But wait, that's not all - like we said, There’s more than one way you can find new staff.
Labour HIre

Permanent Staff
Labour hire is the perfect solution when you need staff for a specific period of time; when you want to try out new staff, or to cover staff who are on leave.
Finding the right staff is key for any business to grow and succeed.  That's why our clients outsource their recruitment to us, specialists in recruiting.

PS: There are great Government incentives available for trainees.
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