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Sourcing your next Talent doesn't have to be overwhelming.
Learn how you can handover your recruitment needs so you can focus on growing your business.

Trying to find the right staff for your business can get overwhelming — especially when you’re not a recruiter by trade.

I get it.  When i first started in employment and training, I worked for what was then the CES - Commonwealth Employment Services.  It was a hard gig.  And I realized that recruitment was a specialised service.  It was not as simple as matching a jobseeker to a company like a dating app.
That's when I decided to bridge the gap and open my own business in Maitland that would address the needs of both the employer and the people seeking employment and/or a career change.

There are a lot of moving parts to recruitment, and getting it right is the difference between seeing your business thrive or just tread water, or worse, take a nose-dive.

Paul - Recruit Personnel.

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Business Owners don't get the manual on how to recruit.

When people start their own business, they are unfortunately not given a DIY manual on how to find the best staff or a cheat sheet.  I know from experience, businesses usually hire by trial and error.  Some businesses are lucky and manage to do OK... but believe me, I've heard some interesting horror-stories from clients who have finally given up and handed over their staffing needs to us, the professionals.

Our clients usually have a light-bulb moment when they realise they can outsource their staffing needs and focus on running and building their businesses.

Often the first question I get asked is - how much does will it cost me?

That’s when I sat down and created a formula where you can work out what it costs YOU to hire someone.  you will be surprised at the outcome.

Since business owners aren’t trained in knowing how to recruit, and they shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel, perhaps I could share the skills and tips I learned along the way to help others.

You may think hiring a recruiter is out of budget but when you look at the real cost of recruiting, you will be surprised at the time and cost savings you will experience.

Here’s what you get from from working with us on your next hire:

Guaranteed Placement

We guarantee all of our placements.  If for some reason our placement does not work out, we will re-recruit without cost within the agreed to time, usually within 3 months.

A wealth of recruitment experience

Our team have worked in the recruitment industry collectively for over 75 years,
across white and blue collar placements.  That's a wealth of experience and knowledge you can tap into.

No up-front payments

You only pay for our service when we have successfully recruited for you.  If we have found you a permanent staff member, you will be invoiced our agreed to recruitment fee.  If we have found you a temporary candidate, you will be invoiced after the first week of employment.

Candidates who are best matched.

We will work with you to develop the right position description and then go to work to find the right staff, based on the expected  skills and experience required. 

Access to our Database

We continuously build and develop an extensive database of local and strategically based candidates.  We have over 30,000 active candidates in our database to draw from.

WHS Compliance

WHS is really important to us and we ensure that all temporary staff arrive on site inducted and ready to comply with your companies WHS expectations.


I don’t like paying upfront for a service I have never used before.
You will only have to pay for our recruitment service when we have successfully placed a candidate.

What if the person you have recruited for us doesn’t work out?
No problem.  We guarantee all of our placements, so if an employee doesn’t work out – we will replace that employee for free, within the agreed time of our Terms & Conditions, usually within three months.

Will I be part of the selection process.
You can be as involved or removed from the process as you choose.  Some clients prefer to hand over the job order to us and we send them the right candidate.  Most times, our clients like to review a shortlist of candidates, usually three, either by email/video or meet face to face in interviews.  The choice is yours.

I feel like I need to take my company to the next level.  How would you suggest I do that?
As recruiters, the first thing we would do is do a staff-audit.  Simply put, take a look at your organisational, and then discuss your business plans for the future.  From there we would consult with you the best way forward.  That might be to hire a manager that can take over some of the leadership and management tasks to free up your time for business development; consider a sales person to build your business or take on a trainee reception/customer service, admin or stores person to support your administration and distribution channels.
This is also an added value of working with a professional recruiter.  A different set of eyes on your business might just offer a solution that you had not considered.

How does Labour Hire work?

Simply put, Labour hire is when we recruit for the roles required, and candidates who are successful will become the employee of Recruit Personnel, which we be on-hired to you as the host employer under the appropriate Award. Our rate incorporates the hourly rate of pay, casual loading, superannuation contributions, worker’s compensation, payroll tax, public indemnity insurance and all administration costs. 

Don’t just take it from me;
See what some of my customers have to say!

"I would recommend anyone looking for staff to use Recruit Personnel, they are professional, friendly and source great applicants for the position. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them from their delightful receptionist, the consultant and management team. Highly recommend them."
Joy, The Smith Family

"Greg was always on time and very diligent in his work Our warehouse has never been cleaner, he certainly was not afraid to pick up a broom." Jacquie., Stores & Warehousing Wholesaler based in Beresfield

“Recruit Personnel’s recruitment services can be best described as professional. From start to finish the process in recruiting Trainees for our business has been seamless and from our perspective an easy process where we can rely upon Recruit Personnel to meet our expectations in providing a shortlist of quality candidates for Life Without Barriers to interview and recruit from rather than undertaking the entire process ourselves. They offer ongoing support to both the Trainee and Management and work with us to ensure our expectations are being met."
Nathan - Life Without Barriers

Planning your next hire gets easier

With our help you will:

  • Be free running your business knowing we are working behind the scenes to find you the best employees
  • Build a continuous workforce
  • Stay on your project timelines while we provide the staff you need to get the job done - whether it be short or long term
  • Have short-term replacement staff when staff are on leave.

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